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Thank You for Supporting our Family Biz

After spending decades in the fashion industry, we were tired of seeing big name brands steamroll amazing, truly special, independent brands. We created MixCart to bring you a unique marketplace showcasing the cool brands we know and love, brands we know you’re going to be so glad you found!


Our Mission

Our mission with Mixcart is to showcase independent brands that are truly worthy of your support. We wanted to share all the amazing products we adore, but we also wanted to give independent brands we know the opportunity to become a brand you know and love.

We have chosen to support and share brands that not only produce unique items but also do so using ethical business practices while contributing to the communities around them. Check out the gorgeous pieces made by these fantastic brands and be sure to read the story behind the brand so you can truly understand what your support means to these incredible indie brands.
Each brand has a unique story behind it, one that can only be uncovered by those who use it. Come discover your story with us.

Focused on Fair Trade and eco-conscious practices, brands found on MixCart deliver amazing products that will surprise and delight you!

Trying is believing 😊

Go ahead, dive in and discover what MixCart is all about.
You’re going to love what you find. ❤️

Thank you,
The MixCart Team